Home-Spun Story Sharing Evening


Faces Centre & Cafe


Theatre Orchard invite you to a story sharing evening in Weston-super-Mare as part of the Theatre Forum project

Join us as we explore themes of home in new, free adult drama sessions, leading to a community theatre performance in Weston this Autumn

  • Tell us your story and personal recollections about home and be part of Theatre Forum’s next exciting chapter
  • Join us for new, open to all adult drama sessions as we explore creativity together in an inclusive, vibrant and playful way and tap into your inner storyteller and performer
  • Help to shape page-turner moments to be performed as part of a live community theatre show in Weston this Autumn

Everyone aged 16+ welcome.

To book a free place and for more info, contact engage@theatreorchard.org.uk


Theatre Forum is supported by People’s Health Trust, using money raised through the Health Lottery South West


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