Josh ‘Vendetta’ Nash Double Bill


Winter Gardens Pavilion ballroom

£10 + small booking fee

Presented by Theatre Orchard

A double bill of shows from Joshua ‘Vendetta’ Nash, acclaimed dance artist, choreographer and boundary breaker and one of the UK’s leading Krump dancers. Krump is a form of street dance characterised by free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic movement. It’s the Rock & Roll or Heavy Metal of the Hip Hop world, a way of expressing difficult emotions, the ones that get you all twisted up inside.


Blacklist’ is an explosive piece asking how do we cope with inner conflict? Delving into brotherhood, isolation and friendship explored through hip hop, krump and theatre, this highly physical, athletic style of dance creates a charged atmosphere and invites audiences to experience a range of emotions.

“Nash offers a mission statement that he ‘aims to change perceptions

of krump being nothing more than an aggressive dance style’

With BLACKLIST he achieves this and much, much more” Ian Abbott, dance critic


Fig Leaf’ fuses Krump and Contemporary dance, exploring what it means to be a man and opening the debate around where true masculinity and strength lies.

Presenting an atmosphere of street culture and Hip Hop, the music and choreography moves in tempo and feeling as different bonds are formed between the dancers as they swing back and forth between love and support, to anger and aggression. A physical and high energy duet, reflective of society that showcases the relationship between two men asking…Where does true masculinity and strength lie, in our tough exterior or our vulnerable interior?


“A gripping and violent exploration of masculinity and vulnerability through the dance style of Krump’’ A Younger Theatre

“Nash’s fiercely intelligent FIG LEAF harnessed the heightened aggression of krumping to grapple with toxic masculinity” Donald Hutera

“The dancers’ expression of anger, loss and brotherhood, but also confusion, was extremely impressive.’’ Strand Magazine

“Both men revealed the beauty and tenderness that lay in the process, the vulnerability and openness that the medium of Krump entails’’ Hannah Hutchings-Georgiou


Take a peek at the ‘Blacklist’ Trailer HERE

Show duration is 70 min plus 15 min interval

Recommended age: 10+


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