Ten Fun Things: Hero & Leander, or, I love you, but everything’s under water



Clevedon and Portishead


Hi Outdoor ‘gig theatre’ for teens and adults based on the ancient Greek Myth Hero and Leander.

Hero & Leander  – Sing, dance and cry with us in this bittersweet outdoor gig theatre show. Six multi-instrumentalists tell an epic seaside tale through songs encompassing folk, indie, sea shanties and choral music. A story of bad rulers, worse weather, and how we keep going when everything is flipping terrible. Two towns, one rich and one poor, stand separated by a narrow strip of ocean. When the borders close and ships stop sailing between them, two lovers are left stranded on either side. Unphased, Leander takes to swimming across the channel to meet Hero, guided by the light of the lighthouse where she lives. But the jealous and vengeful Hephaestus, arrying an ancient grudge, plots to separate them with a flood like neither town has ever seen. We all know this will probably end badly. But just maybe, this time, it will turn out different…


Written by Jack Dean.
Composed by Jack Dean & Company.
Cello / Vocals / Percussion – Beatrice Newman
Violin / Vocals / Percussion – Yoon Ji Kim
Vocals / percussion – Siân Keen
Trumpet / Guitars / Vocals – Hanno Rigger
Guitars / Vocals / Percussion– Jack Dean Accordion / Vocals / Percussion – Jay Kerry

“Incredibly innovative… Writer Jack Dean enthrals his audience” REVIEWS HUB
“Impressive poetic, musical and narrative skills… undoubtedly a performer with an exciting career ahead of him” EXEUNT

Age guidance:  Teens and Adults

Limited places apply and must be booked in advance
Clevedon – 21 July – Clevedon Bandstand, Green Beach, BS21 7EH
Portishead – 22 July – Portishead Lake Grounds, BS20 7JE

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