We are keen to connect and build relationships with more artists living in North Somerset. We regularly have opportunities to collaborate or lead on different projects that cover a range of art forms. So whether you are a theatre maker, dancer, circus performer, musician, painter or creative in any other field, please drop us a line to say hello at info@theatreorchard.org.uk

Recent projects

Scratch ’n’ Sniff

Nights to bring your senses alive with Atomic Rhubarb

A free taste of drama cooked up by students and graduates from University Centre Weston was enjoyed by all with valuable audience comments shared with the artists. Scratch n Sniff takes place at Weston Museum and during Lockdown it’s gone digital – of course!

If you are a UCW student or alumni who would like to take part in our next Scratch n Sniff, please get in touch with info@theatreorchard.org.uk


Theatre Orchard sometimes gets together with the local artistic community so that everyone has a space to share ideas and information and get to know each other. Because we can’t meet out in the big wide outdoor world at the moment, we connect on our Facebook page – please do join in the conversation.

Theatre Orchard strives to make every step of an artist’s journey as smooth as possible. Get involved in a workshop with you in mind

Do you have good advice?

If you can impart valuable expertise from your corner of the arts, we’d love to hear your ideas. Drop us a line and let’s pay it forwards!

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