Puppets with Guts

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Gnomus is a caretaker of Earth, places and stories. This lovable giant visited Weston’s Old Town Quarry and hidden gem for a guided tour – the stuff of legend. Natural history, heritage and myth combined to create an unforgettable tale of this remarkable place, told by a storyteller as old as the earth.

Puppets With Guts create spectacular puppets and bring important stories to life. In 2018, Gnomus, a 4 metre high bunraka puppet, guided thousands of people around the natural wonders of Kew Gardens Temperate House.

And in September 2019, Gnomus brought his considerable knowledge of Weston-super-Mare to the Quarry.  Puppets with Guts, who include BAFTA winning writer Andrew McCaldon, worked with local primary schools and communities to unearth fascinating stories to create an interactive performance that was shared with the smaller giants of the town during the Heritage Open Days weekend.

In the narrative, nature rubbed shoulders with local heritage and the mythical landscape. Legend tells that the islands Flat Holm and Steep Holm that can be seen from Weston are the head and shoulder of heart-broken giant Gorum who drowned himself in the Severn Estuary over the loss of his love Avona (now the River Avon). Gnomus wondered whether Gorum might rise again and join him in a message to mankind that our environmental balance is in peril, engaging audiences in a spectacle that resonates both locally and globally.

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